Hi, my name is J.

It’s been over a week since we’ve seen each other and in that week a lot has happened. First of all, rest assured, I am fine and I am still enjoying every second here on[…]

This Is It.

After 2 years of knowing I could go abroad. After a year of knowing I could go to the USA. After 6 months of knowing that I could go to Davenport  University. After 1 month[…]

Where am I going

Since I hardly ever talk about my trip to the US, and definitely do not bother you with talking about it every single day, it might be possible that some people do not know what[…]

One Month To Go

Hello you all, TODAY is the 25th of July, which means that I will be arriving at Davenport University (DU) exactly in one month. With the day of my farewell party and my actual departure coming[…]